Trembling Frames

by Lincoln Barr

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released February 10, 2017

The cast:

Lincoln Barr - vocals, guitars
John Convertino - drums, percussion
Keith Lowe - acoustic & electric bass
Johnny Sangster - guitars, backing vocals, percussion
Daniel Walker - keys, accordion

with very special guests:

Jefferson Curtis Brown - backing vocals
Levon Henry - reeds & woodwinds
Bill Herzog - percussion
Susan Pascal - vibraphone

All songs by Lincoln Barr (Swallow Swords Music/ASCAP)
© & ℗ 2016 Lincoln Barr. All rights reserved.

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Johnny Sangster (
Assistant engineer: Rachel Field

Recorded January 25-27 & March 5-6, 2016 at Studio Litho and Crackle & Pop!
Mixed at Crackle & Pop!
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI

Design by Shawn Wolfe (
Photographs by Anna Hoychuk (

Thank you:
Christian Barr, Bob Hermer, Lene Sangster, Elaine Fite, Anna Hoychuk & Bill Wright, Andy Salzman & Rue Ishiyama, Eric Bryson, Patrick R. Porter, Andrew Norsworthy, Brian Saunders, and all of the contributors to this album.

For Theodore Franklin Sullinger, Mattie Cochran, Nico Barr, and the fellowship of hunted things.


all rights reserved



Lincoln Barr Pendleton, Oregon

avant-crooner // solo debut Trembling Frames out now.

Soundtrack album Cruel Dream: Music From & Inspired by The Past is Never Dead out May 17.

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Track Name: Admit You're a Monster
I’m sorry
Has sufficed for you so many times before
But I’m not sorry for wanting more
Seems stubborn
To quibble over grammar with you now
But I’ve discovered it’s allowed

Just admit you’re a monster
You’ve gotta see the beast to slay it
But it takes a man to say it
Admit you’re a monster
You can save your indignation
For someone who’s got the patience

‘Cos your righteous act
Is like Bible fact
It’s a tale that’s lost traction
Still you won’t

Admit you’re a monster
Don’t be like Jake Lamotta
Do like you know you oughta
And admit you’re a monster
Your professions of amnesia
Don’t mean anyone believes ya

And your pious cloak
Has gone up in smoke
To unveil the frail creature
Of which you once spoke
Track Name: How to Escape
Born with a pain I struggled to define
I bore your secrets up and down my spine
I pressed my tender back against the pew
But there a strange fixation in me grew
How to escape you

I took your admonitions like a pill
Their bitter aftertaste is with me still
At first they numbed my symptoms pretty well
I held my tongue and swore I’d never tell
How to escape Hell

A superhero isn’t much outside his cape
At last a plan is taking shape
How to escape

I used to think resistance made us strong
I only could believe that for so long
But how I wish that fantasy were true
How I wish you’d left me with a clue
How to escape you
Track Name: Me Too
Before the flood
We rode the wind
We were as thick as thieves back then
You pulled your top
Over your head
I thought we’d never leave that bed
Remember that?

Me too

Came back to earth
Discovered doubt
And did our best to ride it out
I guess we both
Held on too tight
We never made it through that night

Do you ever wonder, baby
Who left who
Or what in the devil happened to you?

Me too
Track Name: Fond of Surprises
Of all of your sly disguises
This is the bravest yet
I’ve always been fond of surprises
I’ll admit

Gravity comes in many sizes
Makes no distinction who
I’ve always been fond of surprises
Haven’t you?

I’ve always been fond of surprises
Embracing the edge of the knife
It seems that grief comprises
The latter part of every man’s life

What if the sun never rises?
What if it’s always grey?
I’ve always been fond of surprises

What if the sun never rises?
What if it’s always grey?
I’ve always been fond of surprises
Track Name: Desperate Tormentors
Desperate tormentors
All wish they were saints
They hate what they are
And despise what they ain’t

Desperate tormentors
Leave more in their wake
Plead clemency, love
For ignorance’s sake

But not knowing the law
Is no excuse to break it
You can’t explain away things
No one made you do
History haunts
The fools who think they can shake it
But no one warned you

Desperate tormentors
Flail dutifully on
With no provocation to base their fury upon

Desperate tormentors
Test the limits of grace
Burning through chances at a furious pace
Track Name: She Suits Me
We met in the fall
I don’t remember it all
But running away seemed like the thing to do
A part of me already knew
There was more to this than I could ever imagine

As lovers will do, we learned to be cruel
And heard ourselves say unspeakable things
How wildly the pendulum swings
For two suffering souls with a surfeit of passion

What can I say?
She suits me
I took to her like riding a bike
Since that day, I’ve been a man on a mission
Call it intuition
I can’t help it if I know what I like

We finally grew tired
No longer inspired
To make war with the peace that we found
My friends say my luck’s turned around
But I can’t bring myself to hang onto the wagon

What can I do
When all I know is you
And I’ve been carrying this torch for so long?
I’d rather be dead than wrong

What can I say?
She suits me
Track Name: Memory Up and Die
Memory, up and die on me
Memory, up and die
You don’t have to try
Nothing to do but forget what you thought you knew

Snakes wear a smile serene
Criminals pass for clean
But horrors refuse to expire
They’ll come back to haunt you
Long after you’ve retired
Track Name: Giving Up My Inheritance
What's the punishment for refusing your birthright?
You can ask me
Once I forfeit mine
You might recognize
Your own failure in hindsight
But the sentence doesn't suit the crime

'Cos the weight of your mantle
Is as light as you make it
But it don't have a will of its own
You can deny your legacy
Find the strength to forsake it
Or pass it on

What's the punishment for refusing your birthright?
Well, it's funny that you should ask
You can’t bear the evidence
So you opt for the gaslight
Coaxing confessions ain’t an easy task

It's as light as you make it
It takes courage to break it
But I don't have to take it for my own

So I'm giving up my inheritance
Track Name: Tell It to the Judge
I couldn’t guess what it takes to suppress
The reverse peristaltic wave
When you’re standing accused of residual blues
With a beast that will not behave

Born lame with a coward’s name…it’s tough
How does it feel when your best ain’t near enough?

You can cover your ears
Call it a grudge
Retreat behind empty tears
Go and tell it to the judge

You court pain like a man insane, defying sense
What else can you do with a failure so immense?
Track Name: Fellowship of Hunted Things
You can’t tell me there’s no fellowship of hunted things
There’s a certain language only other targets understand
You can never leave the fellowship of hunted things
A hunted child becomes a haunted man

Half a helpless victim of your circumstance
Half a tyrant hungry for a sycophant
I endured your hyper-human frailty
Never once believing it would come for me

They say a father’s sins are saddled on the son
In a single life, you could play either one
Acting out your part without a second thought
Stuck repeating things you’d rather not

You tell yourself you wanna die (wanna die)
Start chasing pain to purify (purify)
Never really knowing why

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